Ian Massien

Ian Massien
Ian is responsible for helping the Customer Success team implement and support SnapCount customers and partners to achieve more wins through energy optimization. Ian also helps convey the benefits of SnapCount to existing and prospective customers through online webinars and tradeshows. Ian earned his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) and his graduate degree from Robert Morris University (Pittsburgh, PA). Outside of the office, Ian enjoys life with his beautiful wife, spunky daughter and all-American son.

Recent Posts:

SnapCount Best Practices for Power Users

Ian Massien | Nov 21, '19

You’ve already accepted the idea that SnapCount is the best available lighting and energy retrofit software, and you’ve begun using SnapCount to audit, propose, and implement retrofit projects far more efficiently than with previous workflows. How can you keep moving in the direction of even more efficiency?

One way is to refine your day-to-day use of SnapCount by progressively implementing some of the best practices identified by the SnapCount Customer Success team and by power users across North America, many of whom are reporting productivity gains of up to 70%.

In addition to my own tips and tricks through my tenure here at SnapCount, I also reached out to my longtime colleague, Christine Mallula, for her favorite strategies. Here is what we came up with.

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