Introducing the SnapCount Ion Web Experience

The SnapCount Team | Mar 1, '21

Throughout the past weeks, you’ve likely learned about the forthcoming user interface refresh that the SnapCount development team has been working to bring to life. Below is an in-depth dive of some of the new features of the SnapCount Ion Experience.

Aimed to make SnapCount more intuitive and easier to navigate, the Ion Experience enhances your use of SnapCount whether you occasionally use the system or log in on a daily basis. 

While the core functionalities that you use to develop retrofit projects all remain intact, there are many enhancements that we would like to share that improve usability for a smoother user experience.

What’s new with the Ion release?

New Top Navigation 


Featuring a more compact look and feel, the updated top navigation in the Ion Experience features a message center for communication back and forth from SnapSource, a revised search feature, and a recent activity feed.

New Landing Page


The new and improved landing page provides the user with revised quick actions, allowing the user to create a sales project in a matter of seconds. The landing page also features an information panel with the latest news and updates to the SnapCount and SnapSource platforms.

Combined Audit and Quote into Sales Project


The Ion Experience brings forth a new, streamlined method of managing audits and quotes by merging them into a Sales Project. All Sales Projects will consist of a single audit and one or many Quote Options.

New Left Navigation


While the most used functions in SnapCount have been moved to the top navigation, the new collapsible left navigation displays tabs with icons to help indicate what each item represents. Providing a more natural method of navigating the platform, the new side navigation enables the use of more vertical space and is collapsible to increase width as well.

New Status Bar


Providing a visual representation of your status on a job or quote, the new status bar feature allows you to move from one status to another with a click. The status bar also features color coding to indicate the state of each status of the job or quote.

Filters on Audit Review, Solution, and As-Built for Large Projects


The Ion Experience enhances the use of filters on large projects, allowing filters to be engaged while you’re scrolled down on the list of elements.


Here’s a glimpse into the SnapCount Ion Web Experience. 

All of these enhancements will be available to SnapCount users once Ion is released. Ion will not be enabled by default, but can be enabled per user in preferences. If you choose to stay in the classic SnapCount user interface, you will notice a few changes including the following:

  1. Status Changes
    • You will see an expanded set of status on the Quote that are a combination of the Audit and Quote statuses
    • Various transitions in Audit and Quote will be different 
  2. New Numbering on Quotes
    • Quotes created prior to the Ion Experience release will retain their original Quote number 
    • Quotes created after the Ion Experience release will show the Sales Project number as the Quote number 
  3. When an Audit is created, a Quote will also be created to be compatible with the Sales Project 

Interested in learning more or seeing the Ion Experience action? Request a demo! 


The SnapCount Team

Written by The SnapCount Team

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