To run a profitable retrofit business, you have to be smart about how you invest your money. Why pay for special software when you have free tools like Excel spreadsheets that do the job fine?

The answer is that they don’t do the job. Those “free” tools can lead to inaccurate audits, slow down your timelines, and lead to expensive mistakes. Rather than saving you money, they cost you far more in the long run.

But don’t take our word for it: To prove how expensive “free” tools can be, we’ve created a guide that shows you the math.

Download the whitepaper Discover the True Cost of “Free” Retrofit Tools to find out why:

  • Download your whitepaperSpreadsheets, phones, and legal pads lead to more frequent mistakes.
  • Seemingly small expenses at each stage of a project add up to a major difference in costs.
  • Retrofit software can save you both time and money well beyond what “free” tools can offer.