Are These Retrofit Blind Spots Losing You Money?

You’ve heard it across the retrofit industry – maybe even in your own shop:

“If it isn’t broke, why fix it?” they say. Or maybe, “Our existing worksheet is fine.”

And then there’s the standard-issue, “Software is expensive.”

But the truth is, inefficiencies are eating into your profitability. A weekend spent reworking a bid here, a complete refund there, and dealing with yet one more shipment sent to the wrong site – it all adds up.

Get a fresh start with our webinar on-demand, 12 Blind Spots That Cost You Profitability in 2019.

SnapCount by StreamLinx teamed with energy-efficiency expert and best-selling author Mark Jewell to show you how simple shifts in perspective can prevent all those dollars from leaking out of your sales and operations budgets.

Over 60 fast-moving minutes, you’ll learn about topics that include:

  • How focusing on areas with the best rebates isn’t always the best move
  • Why project implementation is just as important as winning bids
  • Why lowballing is a losing game
  • Why software isn’t as expensive when you consider ROI

Leave business-as-usual blind spots to your competition. Fill out the form and start plugging those leaks today!

Jeff Seifert
Featured Host: Jeff Seifert

Mark Jewell
Featured Expert: Mark Jewell