In an industry with as many nuances as lighting retrofit, it’s hard to believe that it is possible to successfully complete a project from end-to-end without all parties interacting on location and face-to-face.

But times indeed are changing. In a world that has gone near full-digital, high-growth retrofitters are succeeding in completing retrofit projects with members of their team working off-site or remote. And in scenarios where workers are forced to work remotely for travel or emergencies, these same teams are capable of completing various phases of a project without skipping a beat.

If you’re a lighting and energy retrofitter looking at ways in which to implement remote work into your organization, or if you’re a remote worker yourself, read on as we explore the following best practices:

  • Examining the best day-to-day habits of remote workers
  • How remote workers utilize normal commute time to enhance skills and learn new technologies
  • How to be prepared and successful when you or your team is forced to work remotely

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