During May 6th's keynote session titled "14 strategies to finding retrofit success during the economic downturn" in the SnapCount Retrofit Showcase, one of the many recommendations that Mark Jewell and Jeff Seifert introduced was “mining for gold in your past proposal database” - revisiting any previously submitted proposals that your prospects may have ignored, stalled, or even rejected. Sending updated proposals - ones that highlight new benefits, lower financing costs, or simply more compelling and easier-to-read one-page rationales for proceeding - could breathe new life into those lost deals and allow you to earn a return on the time you invested finding and developing those projects.

To further unpack this topic, the Selling Energy and SnapCount Teams hosted a live webinar sharing how to find previously delivered proposals, refresh them with updated products and pricing (using SnapCount retrofit software) and then recast them into newly compelling value propositions using Selling Energy’s field-proven tools for closing more sales. In this webinar recording, you’ll also hear Mark narrate how to present your 1-page proposal, your Digits-to-Widgets™ script, and your 1-page financial analysis in a genuinely compelling and persuasive manner.