Barbara Pesut-Hanley, CIGC, SNAP-A

Barbara Pesut-Hanley, CIGC, SNAP-A
Barb developed our SnapCount Professional Certification Program and is responsible for its ongoing implementation management. As a former SnapCount user, she is passionate about working with clients to optimize the use of this powerful technology to enhance their current business environment and careers through certification. Her background includes nearly 36 years in marketing, sales and engineering in the industrial, commercial and residential; natural gas and electric utility markets at EDF Energy Services, ConocoPhillips, Citizens Energy Group, American Electric Power and Vectren. She has also been active and held numerous leadership positions in several national and statewide energy-related professional organizations. She has Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Technology and Consumer and Family Sciences from Purdue University. She also holds the Chartered Industrial Gas Consultant (CIGC) and SnapCount Network Accredited Professional – Auditor (SNAP-A) certifications. Barb and husband Michael, have a son, J.C. She’s a gourmet cook who loves gardening, reading, fishing, traveling and baseball.
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Have you (or a member of your team) ever shown up to perform a lighting audit of a building, and as you were signing in at the guardhouse or reception desk, noticed some of your competitors had been there to do the exact same thing just a day or two before?

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