Cindy Blumenfeld

Cindy Blumenfeld
After receiving her BA from Farmingdale University in New York, Cindy went on to build a strong foundation in finance and real estate which compliments her role as Sales Director for Engineered Tax Services, a company that specializes in providing a wide spectrum of engineered accounting solutions. Cindy is devoted to the conservation of resources and Green Building Environment, and works closely with the dedicated teams of ETS professionals skilled in engineering, architecture and accounting to deliver cost segregation studies, energy tax credits, Green Building and LEED building engineering services nationally.

Recent Posts:

Are Your Customers Missing These Retrofit Tax Benefits?

Cindy Blumenfeld | Feb 13, '20

Did you know that some building owners may be eligible for retroactive tax advantages because of a recent change in federal energy policy?

In December 2019, the federal government reinstated The Energy Policy Act of 2005. The law, commonly known as EPAct, reauthorizes the Department of Energy grants program designed to improve energy efficiency in public buildings and facilities.

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