Danny Krueger

Danny Krueger
As co-founder and CEO, Danny Krueger couples his decades of experience in the energy and efficiency sectors with his background in sales and marketing to lead the IoEnergy team with unparalleled skill and acumen. Danny guides IoEnergy’s strategic business objectives, top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition, sales and marketing, and team management.
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Lighting Retrofit 101: Ten Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Danny Krueger | Mar 16, '20

For large commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and enterprise-wide portfolios, lighting and sensor upgrades have the capacity to deliver one of the highest returns on investment out of all efficiency projects. Not only can a lighting retrofit result in energy savings of up to 65% on average, the enhanced lighting quality from modern fixtures delivers improved occupant comfort from glare reduction, the fixtures’ longer lifespan reduces maintenance costs, and the simple payback on the project is frequently achieved well within three years – and sometimes in a few as eighteen months.

However, not all upgrades are created equal. In order to help you get the most out of your efficiency project, we’ve compiled this list of ten costly mistakes to avoid when embarking on a lighting retrofit. Keeping these points in mind can help you get the highest possible return on your investment.

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IoT, IoE, Lighting, and the Triple Bottom Line

Danny Krueger | Oct 15, '19

Most people have heard about the “internet of things” (IoT). It’s a term that refers to interconnected everyday objects – essentially, machines talking to each other. Fewer people have heard of the “internet of everything” (IoE), but I believe it’s a concept that’s far more relevant.

IoE casts a wider net by adding in people, processes, and data. It’s about exploring ways we can use the data and connectivity of IoT to improve our work, our lives, and our world.

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