David Ingram

David Ingram
Dave has an over 32 year career in the equipment financing industry, the last 20 with DLL in a number of commercial business development and relationship management roles. Since 2009, Dave has been the Commercial Leader of our Clean Tech business unit and has helped position DLL as one of the industry leaders in vendor project financing in the energy efficiency space. Dave and his team work with energy services companies, manufacturers, contractors and developers of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions and helps customize a financial solution that enables the end-user customer to initiate a project with no out of pocket costs and enjoy the numerous financial and environmental impacts. He is also one of DLL’s Master Facilitators for the Commercial Academy and has facilitated sessions for DLL commercial members in various DLL offices internationally.

Recent Posts:

How to Incorporate LED Lighting Retrofit Financing into Your Sales Process

David Ingram | Jun 4, '21

An LED retrofit may seem like a no-brainer to you – it’s easy to calculate how quickly your customers will pay back the expense in cost savings. But large capital expenditures are often wrapped in red tape no matter the energy savings or ROI, especially for larger organizations.

LED lighting retrofit financing offers you a way to get your foot in the door with cash-strapped (or spending-shy) organizations so you can save them money in the long run.

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Lighting as a Service: What to Know, How to Succeed

David Ingram | Sep 3, '20

Everybody’s talking about lighting as a service. After all, it seems perfect on paper: Steady income and a steady relationship with the client, who in turn, benefits from hands-off maintenance of their lighting and a much easier cash flow.

So why isn’t everybody offering it?

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Should You Offer Financing with Retrofit Projects?

David Ingram | May 28, '20

You’ve carefully assessed your potential client’s needs and have spent hours putting together a comprehensive proposal that, if agreed-upon, will be the first step on the path of transforming that client’s lighting efficiency.

It should be an easy win. But right now, even the most well-thought-out and desperately needed projects are met with, “Well…not right now, but maybe we can look at this next year.”

Cash flow is on everybody’s mind. And if your clients are worried about their cash flow, your proposals may get shelved or even turned down completely.

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