Jeff Seifert

Jeff Seifert
Jeff is passionate about helping lighting and energy retrofit organizations accelerate and optimize their operations. Jeff is responsible for the sales, marketing and business development activities of StreamLinx, including client engagement, assessments and deployment initiation. Jeff’s background includes 27 years in software, process automation and consulting. During his career, he has helped companies large and small optimize their performance by leveraging enterprise software, advanced analytics and business process automation. Jeff has not only helped a number of large (IBM) and start-up (Prism Solutions) players grow their revenue, he played a key role in growing Prism from a start-up company to over $43 million, and its eventual acquisition by IBM.
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Electrical Contractor Tips to Prevent 4 Profit-Killing Retrofit Mistakes

Jeff Seifert | May 6, '22

Lighting retrofits are among the most promising opportunities for electrical contractors right now, which is great news for your business growth. But with margins tightening and clients expecting more work in less time, you can’t afford to make mistakes that eat into your profits.

Here are the most common mistakes contractors and their team members make while working on LED lighting retrofit projects—and some tips from an experienced electric contractor to help you avoid these mistakes.

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Safety and Electrical Audits: What You Need to Know

Jeff Seifert | Apr 27, '22

“Safety First!” is an old motto, but it still rings true to experienced lighting and electrical auditors: You simply can’t afford to get hurt on the job.

Being safe during an electrical audit helps preserve your client relationships, maximizes your profit and most importantly, keeps you injury-free so you can continue working, growing your business and enjoying life.

Sounds great … but how do you optimize your safety processes when every job is in a different setting?

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How Much Time and Money Does Energy Retrofit Software Actually Save?

Jeff Seifert | Apr 8, '22

Electrical contractors know new doesn’t automatically mean better.

If a tool or technique works reasonably well, why risk the potential cost and disruption of switching to an unproven alternative, like energy retrofit software? Paper is cheap, and you already have an Excel license. Plus, any new software typically comes with a learning period (and maybe a little grumbling from employees.)

As it turns out though, energy retrofit software can quickly pay for itself, and then some—and in ways you might not have expected.

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3 Strategies for Selling IoT Lighting Solutions

Jeff Seifert | Mar 7, '22

There were over 12 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things by 2021. By 2025, the IoT will have over 27 billion endpoints (according to IoT Analytics).

Lighting technology will account for a large percentage of those new IoT devices. Will your retrofit company have a hand in installing them?

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Should You Showcase Sustainability & ESG Metrics to Attract Employees?

Jeff Seifert | Dec 28, '21

It’s no secret the construction industry has been experiencing a labor shortage for a while.

But now, it’s even worse. In 2020, more baby boomers retired than ever before. This wave of pandemic-motivated early retirements is expected to continue throughout 2022 and beyond.

The loss of the older generation of workers has hit the lighting and energy retrofit industry particularly hard. The wave of new generations of skilled workers is forcing businesses to prioritize sustainability & ESG initiatives as a way to attract top talent to their organiziation.

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SnapSource: Your Search Engine for Top Commercial Lighting Manufacturers

Jeff Seifert | Dec 7, '21

The LED lighting revolution has been excellent for retrofitters, building owners, and anyone who values energy efficiency — but there have been a few downsides for those tasked with product information management.

The pace of change in the commercial lighting market nearly matches the breakneck speed for which the microchip field is notorious. Lifecycles, efficacy, and performance are improving at such a rapid rate that the industry can barely absorb all the product information coming at it.

Many energy service companies (ESCOs) and contractors aren’t set up for this challenge. Simply maintaining a catalog and parts list almost requires a full-time person.

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6 Takeaways from the SnapCount Showcase for LED Lighting Retrofit Businesses

Jeff Seifert | Jun 22, '21

The SnapCount Retrofit Showcase 2021 was another huge success. But if you had other plans and couldn’t make it, don’t worry. One of the perks of an online conference is that you can always go back and revisit video recordings of the sessions you missed.

We brought the SnapCount Retrofit Showcase back this year by popular demand – and because of the speed at which the retrofit industry changes, there’s so much new ground to cover.

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A New Experience for SnapCount Users

Jeff Seifert | Feb 4, '21

When SnapCount got started, we set out to optimize the way the retrofit industry wins and performs work. This required automating the many unique (and sometimes complex) workflows required by this specialized industry. Now, with hundreds of thousands of projects developed, won and completed by our valued customers, SnapCount is the most advanced and comprehensive retrofit solution in the industry.

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Strategies for Conducting Successful Virtual Audits

Jeff Seifert | Oct 9, '20

We’ve heard from many lighting retrofit companies, especially those in states with more rigid lock-down restrictions, that even if their sales efforts get them past the gate-keeper to a live prospect, getting into the facility for an audit has been a non-starter. The contractors seem to get shut down before they can even make a valid, data-driven case.

Thankfully, the retrofit world is gifted with many out-of-the-box, creative thinkers that seem to engineer their way around many of these initial objections. Many have come up with ways of conducting a “virtual” audit using creative digital methods. Often, the results of these methods provide good enough information to make the case for “getting in” more powerful.

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Business Growth Strategies for Retrofitters: Tips for Scaling Your Company

Jeff Seifert | Aug 28, '19

The global market for lighting retrofits is growing at a staggering annual rate of over 9%. Analysts predict it will reach a value close to $5 billion by 2026.

It’s easy to understand why. LED technology is only getting more efficient and longer lasting. Companies, hospitals, schools, and other large organizations see lighting as a key to a complete energy transformation that will save electricity and money sooner, rather than later.

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