Lewis Hughes

Lewis Hughes
Lewis Hughes is the CEO of Innovative Lighting Auditors located in Southern California. With over 25 years in the lighting industry he has experience in construction, installation, project management and auditing. Using SnapCount, a cutting edge data application for auditing, provides customers with accurate details, a little or as much as they desire. His background in construction and installation helps him see possible challenges the customer may come up against. He travels throughout the country to provide auditing services to major companies such as USC, Cincinnati Zoo, University Medical Center of Arkansas and Verizon.

Recent Posts:

How Collecting More Audit Data Helps You Win More Business

Lewis Hughes | Mar 20, '23

Conducting an audit is the first step in any lighting retrofit proposal. But your success hinges on how much information you capture, and how accurately it is recorded.

When details are missed or measurements are off, it can lead to proposals that don’t meet the needs of your customer. Even if you manage to win the business despite those errors, you could still face expensive mistakes that need to be fixed down the line.

Where are the weak spots in your audit process?

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