Lewis Hughes

Lewis Hughes
Lewis Hughes is the CEO of Innovative Lighting Auditors located in Southern California. With over 25 years in the lighting industry he has experience in construction, installation, project management and auditing. Using SnapCount, a cutting edge data application for auditing, provides customers with accurate details, a little or as much as they desire. His background in construction and installation helps him see possible challenges the customer may come up against. He travels throughout the country to provide auditing services to major companies such as USC, Cincinnati Zoo, University Medical Center of Arkansas and Verizon.

Recent Posts:

Should You Collect More Data in Your Retrofit Audits?

Lewis Hughes | Aug 7, '19

The first step in creating a lighting retrofit proposal is to conduct an audit of the facility in its current state to understand the existing lighting strategy and identify opportunities for cost and energy savings.

Most auditors bring their own personal approach to conducting audits. However, in my experience, auditors typically focus on collecting three buckets of information:

  1. The types of fixtures present, along with their locations.
  2. The number of fixtures.
  3. The average burn hours for each fixture.

These data points will drive all the calculations that will go into the retrofit proposal and will ultimately translate into factors that clients care about, such as energy savings.

But is this enough to tell the whole story?

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