Line Momeni

Line Momeni
As a Product Manager at MaxLite, Line identifies trends and opportunities within the LED lighting industries and applies that data to make improvements to existing product lines and design new solutions that help customers save energy and meet their lighting needs. Line has a strong background in application engineering, with extensive experience in sports lighting.
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Proposing LED Sports Lighting for New Retrofit Opportunities

Line Momeni | May 24, '21

Whether you’re in Wrigley Field or your local high school gym, there’s something kind of magical about sitting under those lights, sharing the excitement and the action with a crowd.

And as large public gatherings resume and sporting events become a regular part of our lives again, we’ll appreciate that experience more than ever. To make it even more amazing (and economical), it may be time for sporting facilities to look at upgrading their lighting.

As a retrofitter, there is a world of business opportunity in ballfields and gyms across the nation. The question is: How can you win more of these deals?

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