Mike Seifert

Mike Seifert
Mike is responsible for establishing and executing the product and technology directions for StreamLinx. He is an experienced technology leader, merging modern design practices with the latest technologies and most importantly, ensuring products fit with the way that energy and facility professionals actually work. Mike has a broad strategic view, deep technical knowledge, and a proven track record of bringing together people, partners, and technologies to build successful products and businesses. A seasoned entrepreneurial leader, Mike has extensive experience creating and deploying end-to-end, mission-critical software systems for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500s. Prior to StreamLinx, Mike founded two other technology companies; one was ultimately sold to a leading technology player. Earlier in his career, Mike served in senior software engineering roles creating defense systems for United Technologies.

Recent Posts:

Benefits of Digital Communication for Lighting Project Status

Mike Seifert | May 4, '23

In a world as connected as ours, it’s easy to take good communication for granted. From watching your Uber approach on the app to tracking a shipment from Amazon, we’ve come to expect real-time updates on the products and services we buy.

But good communication is no accident, and there’s a reason successful companies like Uber and Amazon invest in the digital infrastructure necessary to keep their customers informed. Communicating updates with your customers builds trust, demonstrates your reliability, and helps you stand out from other contractors.

The good news is that digital tools like SnapCount provide you with an effective way to share updates without becoming overwhelmed. Here are some reasons you should consider digital communication for sharing lighting project status updates with your customers.

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How to Audit and Quote Commercial EV Charging Stations

Mike Seifert | Jul 6, '22

Just a few years ago, electric vehicle (EV) sightings on the highway were about as rare as those of antique roadsters. Fast forward to today, and it seems like every tenth car is whirring along silently under the power of an electric motor.

EV technology is improving and becoming more affordable. Auto manufacturers are electrifying their lineups. And consumers fed up with high gas prices and pollution are increasingly attracted to clean electric vehicles.

It won’t be long before fossil fuel-powered vehicles are the rarity, which raises a question: Where will all these EVs recharge their batteries?

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