Paul Chamberlain

Paul Chamberlain
Paul is the President/CEO of Linmore LED Labs. Paul was previously the President of EnPro Group for 15 years, a general and electrical contractor specializing in energy projects for large facilities such as lighting upgrades, solar, motor controls, and HVAC control systems. Prior to EnPro Group, Paul was in senior management for 10 years with a billion dollar Caterpillar dealer. Paul earned a Bachelors and MBA from Fresno State University.

Recent Posts:

Lumens as a Subscription: New Opportunities for Lighting Retrofit Companies

Paul Chamberlain | Jun 18, '20

Companies are being cautious with their dollars right now. This is perfectly understandable: The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a large bite out of many industries’ financial standings. Unfortunately, this tenuous financial ground has tempted many companies to delay their much-needed lighting retrofit projects.

Is there anything lighting retrofit companies can do, other than try to wait out the storm and hope for better days on the horizon?

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