Samantha Baxter

Samantha Baxter
Samantha Baxter is the Director of Customer Experience for Greenleaf. She is responsible for managing its pipeline and the day-to-day activities of the operations team to ensure projects run smoothly, resulting in a great customer experience. Samantha is an integral point of contact for information flow and logistics for Greenleaf’s key accounts.

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5 Questions to Help You Find the Best Lighting Retrofit Subcontractor

Samantha Baxter | Mar 30, '21

Most people would say having more business than you can handle is a pretty good problem to have. But it’s still a problem your business needs to deal with – and quickly.

Your team may be overstretched with current projects. Or the inability to hop on a plane to visit a customer site may leave teams struggling to handle certain geographic areas. The answer for most retrofitters is hiring subcontractors. But there are risks if you don’t hire the right partner.

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