Timothy Unruh

Timothy Unruh
Dr. Timothy D. Unruh is the Executive Director of the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO). In this role, he manages the representation of its member Energy Service Companies. NAESCO provides advocacy for the industry at the Federal, State and Local levels, and provides for member company Accreditation.

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How the Right Technology Can Help Alleviate the Skilled Labor Shortage

Timothy Unruh | Aug 3, '21

The nationwide labor shortage is real, and it’s a significant problem for nearly every industry.

Unfortunately, in the retrofit business, a labor shortage – a skilled labor shortage, to be more specific – is nothing new. The post-pandemic employment landscape has only exacerbated a challenge that lighting professionals have been dealing with for several years.

The good news for retrofit contractors is, although the skilled labor shortage has been around for a while, technology provides one pathway to a solution. Technology has served to engage and attract a broader audience of talented energy workers to the retrofit industry, and digital providers like SnapCount are helping pave the way for continued growth.

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