How to Boost Revenue with Retrofit Software Custom Reports

Kevin Springer | Nov 4, '20

How to Boost Revenue with Retrofit Software Custom Reports

There’s a reason you can’t spell customer without “custom.” Every customer is unique, and the way retrofitters present a proposal should be adapted to that specific customer.

That’s why SnapCount comes with a built-in selection of custom report templates. The goal of the reports in SnapCount is to give you options to transform raw audit data, so it makes the most compelling case to your intended audience. Here are some reasons why SnapCount’s custom reports can help you build an irresistible case.

Speak Their Language

A retrofitter’s ultimate goal is to secure the project. The best way to do that is by addressing the prospect’s priorities and showing how the retrofit will deliver their desired benefits. Some prospects are focused primarily on cost savings, some on lighting quality and ability to deliver non-energy benefits such as increased productivity and safety, while others are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. Proposals should present the information in their terms.

For example, a more infographic style that highlights topline facts may be right for a prospect who isn’t an “energy person” but is rather a manager or CFO who will ultimately sign the check and doesn't have time to wade through arduous spreadsheets.

Conversely, you’ll want to be able to produce all the data for a more analytical person who needs to see all the details.

On top of that, if a retrofitter wants to match a certain report they already have or customize one of SnapCount's report templates, the StreamLinx team can work with them to generate custom reports that match a format that is proven to work for them.

From Raw Data to Polished Report

Retrofitters know the end product they want: a professional, well-documented and readable proposal. The proposal should address factors impacting savings beyond energy like maintenance, financing options and HVAC savings.

In the days before SnapCount, creating compelling reports started out much differently, with data in a variety of formats: spreadsheets, PDFs, zip files, photos—you name it. It was a big job to compile it all into a cohesive and comprehensible story.

As a rule, retrofitters shouldn’t expect a prospect to do the analytical work of teasing out the important facts from a raw data dump; not everyone can make sense of a table of figures.

And some retrofitters went too far in the opposite direction by presenting overly simplified slide decks to detail-oriented finance executives. To make the sale, it’s critical to go beyond the line-by-line and highlight key return metrics, detailed cash flows and a multi-site portfolio analysis (where appropriate).

Without automation, generating high-quality, graphics-packed reports and presentations can require significant hours of sifting through data and reformatting to achieve the desired effect, especially if the retrofitter is a one-person show without access to design software. Ultimately, a poorly formatted report conveys a lack of consistency and professionalism, the last thing a retrofitter wants when trying to win the prospect into taking immediate action.

Instead, SnapCount’s custom reports save retrofitters hours of time that can then be spent bringing in new customers by presenting winning proposals.

Put Customers in The Driver’s Seat

Once the project is underway, SnapCount’s intuitive dashboards offer real-time project tracking with site-based communications to the customer including audits, proposals, statuses, invoices and more. Dashboards allow customers to analyze both project and company performance, seeing evidence of the promised deliverables.

Like the custom reports, SnapCount dashboards allow users to visualize data in different formats to suit the information needs and preferences of multiple people within the organization.

Think ahead

This we know: Customer needs will change, and technology will advance. SnapCount custom reports allow retrofitters to make the case for the value and ROI of newer technologies like IoT and more advanced lighting controls. By enabling retrofitters to highlight the value of such upgrades in a visually stunning and persuasive way, SnapCount allows them to win projects and upsell current customers with an ease and impact that isn’t possible without the right tools.

Retrofitters who want to stop wading through data and wrestling with slide decks should take advantage of the time and effort they’ll save with SnapCount’s custom reports. Contact us to learn more.

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Kevin Springer

Written by Kevin Springer

Kevin is responsible for designing and editing all proposal documents in Snapcount, as well as Business Intelligence dashboards on screen. He has created several modern documents and dashboards that turn heads with sleek design, and provide key detailed information that help win sales. Kevin is a jack of all trades with outputs in Snapcount, and his background in graphic design as well as Business Intelligence management makes Snapcount stand out from the crowd. When not at work, Kevin is either at home watching Disney movies with his cat, Pua, and girlfriend, or out in the world riding the craziest roller coasters.

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