Kevin Springer

Kevin Springer
Kevin is responsible for designing and editing all proposal documents in Snapcount, as well as Business Intelligence dashboards on screen. He has created several modern documents and dashboards that turn heads with sleek design, and provide key detailed information that help win sales. Kevin is a jack of all trades with outputs in Snapcount, and his background in graphic design as well as Business Intelligence management makes Snapcount stand out from the crowd. When not at work, Kevin is either at home watching Disney movies with his cat, Pua, and girlfriend, or out in the world riding the craziest roller coasters.

Recent Posts:

How to Boost Revenue with Retrofit Software Custom Reports

Kevin Springer | Nov 4, '20

There’s a reason you can’t spell customer without “custom.” Every customer is unique, and the way retrofitters present a proposal should be adapted to that specific customer.

That’s why SnapCount comes with a built-in selection of custom report templates. The goal of the reports in SnapCount is to give you options to transform raw audit data, so it makes the most compelling case to your intended audience. Here are some reasons why SnapCount’s custom reports can help you build an irresistible case.

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