5 Trends Driving Digital Transformation in the Lighting Retrofit Industry

Derek Morsch | Nov 16, '21

In a recent report, “Building a Connected Business,” the National Association of Electronic Distributors (NAED) wrote, “Digital transformation goes beyond technology to reflect a mindset of constant innovation, fast decision-making, and the integration of technology into all phases” of an electrical business.

Frank Agraz would agree with that definition. And he knows what it means for the future of the lighting industry.

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Exploring New Business Opportunities in Parking Garage Lighting

Derek Morsch | Nov 9, '21

America may have as many as eight parking spaces for every car, and a large proportion of those spaces are contained in corporate parking structures.

Considering the average parking space consumes 180 square feet of space, plus additional square footage for entrance and egress, parking garages may represent one of the most significant—and overlooked—opportunities for LED lighting retrofitters in the market.

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Utilizing Lighting Retrofit Financing to Win Projects

Stuart Taylor | Oct 13, '21

You’ve completed a thorough audit, compiled the optimal solutions, and generated an attractive proposal that makes the lighting retrofit project a no-brainer to the customer. But there’s one obstacle standing in your way – the prospect isn’t ready to commit to a large capital expenditure.

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How LED Lighting Retrofit Businesses Can Profit (Big) Through ESCO Partnerships

Derek Morsch | Sep 29, '21

As an LED lighting retrofit business, the current economic and labor climate is ripe with opportunities. The demand for what you do is high…and the number of people who can claim your skill and experience is declining.

But for smaller firms, how can you insert yourself into larger projects that cover multiple sites, include a lot more than lighting and carry price tags in the tens of millions of dollars?

One way is to partner with one of the “big fish” in the energy efficiency pond: an Energy Service Company (ESCO).

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5 Questions to Ask When Conducting an Energy Audit Software Comparison

Jason Lopez | Sep 22, '21

Energy audit software comes in many shapes and sizes, from bare-bones apps to multifeatured platforms. (Or, some lighting retrofitters choose to cobble together their own solutions using spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets.)

The differences between auditing tools – in terms of capabilities, usability, extensibility, support, and other factors – can be vast.

So why is it that, when conducting an energy audit software comparison, so many lighting retrofit businesses focus almost exclusively on cost…instead of value?

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How Commercial Lighting Contractors Win Enterprise Customers

Derek Morsch | Sep 8, '21

A single enterprise customer can provide a commercial lighting contractor with a steady stream of LED retrofit projects – and revenue – for years to come.

But landing deals with enterprise customers takes a lot of patience, tenacity, and a strategic mindset—most large corporations have painfully slow and rigid sales cycles. Not only are you often several steps removed from the person holding the purse strings, but your lighting retrofit project must also compete against some of the biggest players in the industry.

It’s a tall order … but far from impossible.

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4 Strategies to Reduce Errors in Your Lighting Project Management

Amanda Drewery | Aug 30, '21

For many retrofitters who aren’t using a lighting project management software, the old standby for tracking project management is the spreadsheet.

But while spreadsheets are comfortingly familiar, they’re not built for the purpose of project management – and this can lead to errors and omissions that impact the precision of audits and the profitability of projects.

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Retrofit Roundtable Exclusive: Experts Reveal Emerging LED Industry Trends

Derek Morsch | Aug 10, '21

It would be impossible to accurately predict where the LED lighting industry is going in the next few years without first looking back at the unprecedented period of disruption we’ve just experienced (and, in some ways, are still going through).

When we gathered four leading LED industry insiders for a lighting retrofit roundtable during Retrofit Showcase 2021 (a virtual conference this May sponsored by SnapCount), the official topic of conversation was what lies ahead for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

And as it turns out, there’s reason for optimism.

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How the Right Technology Can Help Alleviate the Skilled Labor Shortage

Timothy Unruh | Aug 3, '21

The nationwide labor shortage is real, and it’s a significant problem for nearly every industry.

Unfortunately, in the retrofit business, a labor shortage – a skilled labor shortage, to be more specific – is nothing new. The post-pandemic employment landscape has only exacerbated a challenge that lighting professionals have been dealing with for several years.

The good news for retrofit contractors is, although the skilled labor shortage has been around for a while, technology provides one pathway to a solution. Technology has served to engage and attract a broader audience of talented energy workers to the retrofit industry, and digital providers like SnapCount are helping pave the way for continued growth.

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Incorporating EV Charging Station Installation Into Your Retrofit Business

Brian McKinnon | Jul 27, '21

The electrical revolution is upon us.

Businesses, governments, and individuals around the globe are all embracing a vision of a fully electrified future — and once that happens, there will be no going back to fossil fuels.

Over the next two decades, no sector will change more due to electrification than the transportation industry.

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