Are Your Customers Missing These Retrofit Tax Benefits?

Cindy Blumenfeld | Feb 13, '20

Did you know that some building owners may be eligible for retroactive tax advantages because of a recent change in federal energy policy?

In December 2019, the federal government reinstated The Energy Policy Act of 2005. The law, commonly known as EPAct, reauthorizes the Department of Energy grants program designed to improve energy efficiency in public buildings and facilities.

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Presenting Your Winning One-Page Proposal

Mark Jewell | Jan 28, '20

Concise communication is vital to virtually any winning sales process. For this reason, you need to make a thoughtfully drafted one-page proposal a no-exceptions best practice. That one-pager needs to focus on the “why” more than the “what,” “how,” “how much,” or “when.” It’s the document that gets your prospect motivated to move forward.

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Be Prepared With These Must-Have Lighting Audit Tools

Christine Mallula | Jan 8, '20

The old Boy Scout saying is “Be Prepared”? What does it mean to “be prepared” and what exactly are you preparing for?

It really depends on where you are going, who you are, and what you are doing. But to the lighting auditor, it often means making sure you have the right tools with you to gather the most accurate facility and fixture information in the shortest amount of time.

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Navigating the Complex World of Utility Rebates

Steve Moritz | Dec 4, '19

Utility rebates can make a big difference in the ultimate ROI your customers get from any retrofit project. But utility rebate programs can get complicated quickly, and your ability to help your customers capture these savings depends on your ability to navigate the rebate landscape with skill and expertise.

Given that there are nearly 3,000 different programs offered across the country by various state/local governments and utility boards, building expertise with rebates is no small feat!

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SnapCount Best Practices for Power Users

Ian Massien | Nov 21, '19

You’ve already accepted the idea that SnapCount is the best available lighting and energy retrofit software, and you’ve begun using SnapCount to audit, propose, and implement retrofit projects far more efficiently than with previous workflows. How can you keep moving in the direction of even more efficiency?

One way is to refine your day-to-day use of SnapCount by progressively implementing some of the best practices identified by the SnapCount Customer Success team and by power users across North America, many of whom are reporting productivity gains of up to 70%.

In addition to my own tips and tricks through my tenure here at SnapCount, I also reached out to my longtime colleague, Christine Mallula, for her favorite strategies. Here is what we came up with.

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Managing Complex Retrofit Projects for Fortune 500 Companies

Lynn Hawkins | Nov 11, '19

Think about how many lights are required to illuminate the work of a large corporation. We’re talking about multiple campuses scattered throughout the country, each with several buildings, and a total of over 100,000 employees. The number of light fixtures can stretch to half a million.

Now think about the management challenge of replacing all those fixtures with efficient LEDs on time, within budget, and without disruption to business operations – oh, and let’s outfit them with smart controls tied to a centralized IoT platform.

It’s a staggering undertaking. And at Sustainable Turnkey Solutions, that’s precisely what we do.

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IoT, IoE, Lighting, and the Triple Bottom Line

Danny Krueger | Oct 15, '19

Most people have heard about the “internet of things” (IoT). It’s a term that refers to interconnected everyday objects – essentially, machines talking to each other. Fewer people have heard of the “internet of everything” (IoE), but I believe it’s a concept that’s far more relevant.

IoE casts a wider net by adding in people, processes, and data. It’s about exploring ways we can use the data and connectivity of IoT to improve our work, our lives, and our world.

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Why I Chose to Get Retrofit Certifications (and You Should, Too)

Professional certifications aren’t about bragging rights. They’re about gaining superior technical knowledge, applied skills, and “street cred” with your customers.

I’ve put in the time and effort to get some of the most difficult certifications in the lighting and energy industry because the process simply makes me better at my job. Certifications make me more valuable to the company I work for, help me serve my customers better, and differentiate my skills and experience from the competition.

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How Retrofit Certifications Can Supercharge Your Career and Your Company

Have you (or a member of your team) ever shown up to perform a lighting audit of a building, and as you were signing in at the guardhouse or reception desk, noticed some of your competitors had been there to do the exact same thing just a day or two before?

It’s not unusual for an organization to welcome multiple auditors into their facilities as they search for a lighting retrofitter. As a retrofitter, you’re constantly up against stiff competition. The challenge is to differentiate yourself.

Retrofit certifications can help.

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How Retrofit Labor Outsourcing Can Help Small Companies Manage Large Projects

Tim Donovan | Sep 11, '19

There is no shortage of work for lighting retrofitters. Labor, however, is another matter.

The demand for retrofits – whether individual lighting projects or as part of broader energy conservation initiatives – is growing by 9 percent annually as LED technology becomes more efficient and cost-effective. And yet, 91% of contractors, construction managers, builders, and trade contractors struggle to find skilled workers – and half expect the problem to get worse.

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