New Client Onboarding Tips for Retrofit Companies

Reg Cook | Aug 22, '19

The value of strong client relationships is immeasurable for any business, but particularly in the retrofit industry. Most of our clients have limited budgets to spend each year on retrofit projects, and so our business thrives when we’re asked back year after year.

How do we get invited back? By making our client champions look good.

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Best Practices to Help Your Next Retrofit Audit Run Smoother

Nicole Amos | Aug 13, '19

Every successful retrofit project begins with a great audit. But great audits don’t just happen by accident! A lot of work goes into the audit process.

After spending the last two years at StreamLinx in multiple roles – including quality assurance, customer success, and onboarding and training – I’ve had the benefit of working with some amazing auditors. I’d love to share with you some of the audit best practices I’ve learned along the way.

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Should You Collect More Data in Your Retrofit Audits?

Lewis Hughes | Aug 7, '19

The first step in creating a lighting retrofit proposal is to conduct an audit of the facility in its current state to understand the existing lighting strategy and identify opportunities for cost and energy savings.

Most auditors bring their own personal approach to conducting audits. However, in my experience, auditors typically focus on collecting three buckets of information:

  1. The types of fixtures present, along with their locations.
  2. The number of fixtures.
  3. The average burn hours for each fixture.

These data points will drive all the calculations that will go into the retrofit proposal and will ultimately translate into factors that clients care about, such as energy savings.

But is this enough to tell the whole story?

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How to Survive the Retrofit Labor Shortage

Sam DiNello | Jul 26, '19

When I co-founded Future Energy Group and we first entered the lighting retrofit business almost a decade ago, one of the first things we realized was that organizations needed help with identifying opportunities for cost reductions, energy savings, and utility incentives.

Devising a retrofit strategy was one thing; implementing it – promptly, without disrupting the business of an organization – was another thing entirely.

The problem was a lack of qualified labor.

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5 Expert Tips for Closing More Retrofit Deals

Mark Jewell | Jul 19, '19

Given the quantity of inefficient lighting still in use in this country, it’s easy to envision a multi-billion-dollar lighting retrofit industry thriving for many years to come.  That said, the retrofitters who will be most successful at tapping into this enormous opportunity will be those who adopt a smarter approach to selling – one that replaces conventional phrases like “save energy, save money” with messaging that really captures executive attention and supports proactive decision-making.

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5 Things Lighting Retrofitters Need to Know About IoT Technology

Walter "BJ" Pidgeon | Jul 11, '19

The lighting retrofit industry isn’t just about illumination, or even saving energy. Ultimately, retrofitting is about optimization, helping your clients make the most of their spaces, reducing waste and maximizing resources. That’s why the emerging field of the internet of things (IoT) is such a natural fit for the retrofit industry.

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How to Use Energy Audit Applications to Manage Lighting Projects

Jeff Seifert | Jun 27, '19

As a lighting retrofitter, how do you define a win?

Successful lighting retrofit businesses are not built simply by conducting a great audit or delivering a compelling proposal. A job isn’t really a win until the work is completed, the revenue is booked, and the client is satisfied – ecstatic, even.

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Why Lighting Audit Software Simplifies the Proposal Process

Jeff Seifert | Jun 25, '19

In many fields, digital tools have supplanted the old ways of doing things. So why is it that the lighting retrofit industry continues to rely on pen and paper when conducting audits?

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