Jason Lopez

Jason Lopez
Jason is responsible for growing and maintaining StreamLinx’s SnapCount customer base. Jason’s experience in high-value solution selling along with field experience estimating, proposing, and implementing projects brings tremendous value in relating to the common challenges faced by the retrofit industry. Jason enjoys challenging the status quo of “That’s the way it’s always been done.” Jason holds a degree in Construction Management from Illinois State University. Outside the office he focuses on continuous education of the industry and traveling the world.

Recent Posts:

5 Questions to Ask When Conducting an Energy Audit Software Comparison

Jason Lopez | Sep 22, '21

Energy audit software comes in many shapes and sizes, from bare-bones apps to multifeatured platforms. (Or, some lighting retrofitters choose to cobble together their own solutions using spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets.)

The differences between auditing tools – in terms of capabilities, usability, extensibility, support, and other factors – can be vast.

So why is it that, when conducting an energy audit software comparison, so many lighting retrofit businesses focus almost exclusively on cost…instead of value?

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The Secret to Increasing Close Rates with Lighting Retrofit Software

Jason Lopez | Feb 16, '21

There’s a new strategy in the lighting retrofitting business, and it’s changing how many — and how quickly — deals close.

The conventional wisdom has been that to increase the volume of successful sales, you must make more sales calls, complete more audits, and send out more proposals.

But does flooding your sales funnel always translate into more closed deals? Or does it just result in more time spent chasing lukewarm leads?

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8 Common Objections to Retrofit Software – And Why They May Be Off-Base

Jason Lopez | Oct 21, '20

Energy and lighting retrofits are all about the benefits of modernization. Yet for some retrofitters, pen, paper, and Microsoft Excel are still the go-to tools for audits.

There are several reasons why you might be reluctant to make the switch, whether it’s because of cost, habit, or concerns about technology. We’ve heard many of those reasons from our own clients before they gave SnapCount a try, so we figured we’d address them here.

How many of these reasons are on your mind?

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