Lynn Hawkins

Lynn Hawkins
Lynn Hawkins brings to STS more than 35 years’ experience in energy management. He has led energy projects for such multi-billion-dollar organizations as AT&T, Intel and Verizon. Lynn literally started in the basement in the electrical industry cutting wire for an electrical distributor in Kansas City. This led to working in the warehouse, counter sales, inside sales, outside sales, and later national account management. He worked on some of the earliest web ordering systems in the electrical industry and helped create an internal auditing tool for SBC Communications that developed into some of the auditing software being used today. He created Sustainable Turnkey Solutions in 2015 to not just focus on lighting but every aspect of energy efficiency. Today STS provides a complete building envelope program where they can upload any facility on to a platform to provide a complete virtual audit.
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Managing Complex Retrofit Projects for Fortune 500 Companies

Lynn Hawkins | Nov 11, '19

Think about how many lights are required to illuminate the work of a large corporation. We’re talking about multiple campuses scattered throughout the country, each with several buildings, and a total of over 100,000 employees. The number of light fixtures can stretch to half a million.

Now think about the management challenge of replacing all those fixtures with efficient LEDs on time, within budget, and without disruption to business operations – oh, and let’s outfit them with smart controls tied to a centralized IoT platform.

It’s a staggering undertaking. And at Sustainable Turnkey Solutions, that’s precisely what we do.

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