Lynn Hawkins

Lynn Hawkins
Lynn Hawkins brings to STS more than 35 years’ experience in energy management. He has led energy projects for such multi-billion-dollar organizations as AT&T, Intel and Verizon. Lynn literally started in the basement in the electrical industry cutting wire for an electrical distributor in Kansas City. This led to working in the warehouse, counter sales, inside sales, outside sales, and later national account management. He worked on some of the earliest web ordering systems in the electrical industry and helped create an internal auditing tool for SBC Communications that developed into some of the auditing software being used today. He created Sustainable Turnkey Solutions in 2015 to not just focus on lighting but every aspect of energy efficiency. Today STS provides a complete building envelope program where they can upload any facility on to a platform to provide a complete virtual audit.
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How to Feature Sustainability When Selling Energy Efficiency to Clients

Lynn Hawkins | Sep 28, '23

Typically, when organizations have improved energy efficiency in their facilities, it’s all about the bottom line: less energy used = less money spent.

Today, the picture has gotten a bit bigger. Customers aren’t just looking to reduce energy at their facilities — they’re also setting carbon reduction initiative targets and looking at their overall sustainability goals. The question is: Where do you and your business come in?

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The 5 Processes Your Company Needs to Manage Complex Retrofit Projects

Lynn Hawkins | Sep 18, '23

Multiple buildings, sprawling campuses, and square footage that goes on and on. Replacing thousands of fixtures on time, within budget, and without disrupting business operations. And … designing a lighting plan for each space managed by smart controls tied to a centralized IoT platform.

It can make you sweat, just thinking about all the elements that have to come together to make complex retrofit projects successful.

When I first wrote about this topic a few years ago, I focused on how Sustainable Turnkey Solutions (STS) manages complex energy retrofit projects with well-thought-out processes for data, tools, and people. We still count these three as must-have pillars of quality.

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