Save Time & Money with Custom LED Lighting Retrofit Proposal Templates

Kevin Springer | Feb 25, '21


A detailed, visually compelling LED lighting retrofit proposal can do a lot. It can show how the retrofit will deliver the desired cost savings. It can highlight lighting quality and non-energy benefits like increased productivity and safety. It can spell out the potential impact on the customer’s carbon footprint. It can speak to the customer in terms they understand.

Ultimately a great lighting retrofit proposal can help make the case and win more deals.

But compiling manually collected audit data into deal-sealing proposals can be complicated, time-consuming, and labor intensive. Custom templates (like the ones in SnapCount) can help you more quickly generate sales proposals in a variety of styles, making your team more efficient and saving you both time and money.

Improve Your Proposal Game

Generating high-quality, graphics-packed reports and presentations manually means a lot of transcription, data crunching, and reformatting to achieve the desired effect, especially for smaller shops or non-designers.

By automating the data collection and proposal generating processes, custom templates can help you instantly generate persuasive, graphically rich proposals that showcase your professionalism, help you stand out from the competition, and give prospects reason to sign on the dotted line.

SnapCount comes pre-loaded with a selection of custom templates that give you options to make the most compelling case to your intended audience.

So, whether you’re currently plodding through a manual process, wrestling Excel spreadsheets into shape, or cranking out identical proposals again and again from your own system, there’s likely room for improvement and better efficiency in your proposal workflow.

Pencils Down, Professionalism up

Audit data that arrives on paper needs to be transcribed and entered into a spreadsheet back at the home office. Additionally, photos will have to be extracted and matched to the proper building locations.

Without a complete and consistent data collection protocol, follow-up questions to the customer may be required, adding even more time to proposal generation.

Streamlinx's automated data collection system and custom templates offer a quick and effective step up from a manual data collection and proposal process. Retrofitters can save significant time and resources and earn the chance to attract better clients and bigger projects.

Instead of walking the site with a pencil and paper, auditors record specs like fixture types, quantities, and burn hours on a device, easily capturing images that are tagged to a specific location. Blueprints, floor plans, and hand sketches can also be collected electronically.

Everything is saved to the cloud and instantly available to the team. The audit data can flow directly into your chosen proposal template, dramatically reducing the time from audit to proposal.

The standard set of custom proposal templates provided with SnapCount come in summary and detail formats, giving you options to adapt the proposal to the information needs of your prospect. A graphically rich, big picture, one page approach may be right for senior management, while a multi-page deep dive into the audit data may be more persuasive for analytical engineers. You decide.

Every custom template in the SnapCount base set reflects the learnings and best practices from all our clients, from the small shops to the large-scale operations. Right out of the box, your proposals can reflect professionalism and a future-forward appearance. No learning curve or endless design tweaks.

Break out of the Spreadsheet

In an industry as competitive as lighting retrofitting, the speed with which a company returns a proposal post-audit can make a big impression. Turning around a customer-ready presentation for detail-oriented prospects can be a big lift if the data has to be transcribed and your primary design app is a spreadsheet.

SnapCount comes with audit templates that let you generate web-ready quotes at speed.

First, all the data collected during the audit, including photos, is already available in the cloud the moment you leave the customer’s facility. Next, SnapSource Product Hub is your direct connection to manufacturer catalogs for simplified product sourcing of your solution. Your completed quote, including photos, blueprints, etc., can be published to the web in minutes, giving the prospect complete visibility into the numbers and a comfort level with your attention to detail.

Your Design, SnapCount’s Automation

If you’ve invested time creating your own custom LED lighting retrofit proposal templates, you may not want to risk changing up your existing workflow to transition to SnapCount’s versions. Understandable. You’ve built templates to your own specifications. Why risk errors or slowdowns?

The good news is that our team can recreate your templates within SnapCount. In fact, this is a common request from customers and one we’re happy to meet so it doesn’t cost them productivity to gain efficiency.

The SnapCount app can also serve as a middleman, allowing customers to export consistent, well-organized audit data into an existing spreadsheet template. This allows customers to continue to use any calculations and maintain their workflow without any missteps from a transition into our proposal creation system.

Look Beyond the Standard Templates

The built-in custom templates that come with SnapCount are a thoughtfully curated set and we encourage customers to explore them all. But that’s not all we can offer.

In fact, the template tools in SnapCount are so versatile that we’ve created many more special reports and templates that can be used as-is or tweaked for your use. Rather than overload the app with too many choices up front, we suggest you view the standard templates as a starting point. And, if you don’t see exactly what you want, just ask!

Retrofit Sales Proposal Templates = Efficiency and Effectiveness

The accuracy and completeness of the site audit can determine the profitability of the project. Retrofit proposals are too important to be thrown together or sloppy. Delivering an attractive and detailed proposal promptly after the audit is a strong indicator of professionalism. Graphic design shouldn’t need to be a core competency of a retrofit company. And, if you can conduct audits, create proposals, and implement projects up to 70% faster, so much the better.

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Kevin Springer

Written by Kevin Springer

Kevin is responsible for designing and editing all proposal documents in Snapcount, as well as Business Intelligence dashboards on screen. He has created several modern documents and dashboards that turn heads with sleek design, and provide key detailed information that help win sales. Kevin is a jack of all trades with outputs in Snapcount, and his background in graphic design as well as Business Intelligence management makes Snapcount stand out from the crowd. When not at work, Kevin is either at home watching Disney movies with his cat, Pua, and girlfriend, or out in the world riding the craziest roller coasters.

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