Christine Mallula

Christine Mallula
Christine’s main objective is customer satisfaction. She administers support, provides training both online or onsite, conducts sales demos, tradeshows, and anything else needed to make customers happy. Christine brings with her a long history of customer relationship positions in a variety of roles. During free time you will find Christine running, walking, biking, or just chilling at home snuggled up with her cats and her iPad.

Recent Posts:

What to Expect From Your Lighting Retrofit Software Onboarding Process

Christine Mallula | Oct 14, '22

When you purchase lighting retrofit software, you can’t afford to lose time figuring out how it all works. You want to hit the ground running to start reaping the benefits the software is intended to offer.

At SnapCount, we’ve designed our onboarding process to ensure you can do just that. We have some experience, after all — with more than a quarter-million projects initiated to date, we understand your priorities (and the things that get in their way).

While there will always be a learning curve when it comes to learning a new piece of software, we’re here to help you succeed, starting with your first day of onboarding. Here’s what you can expect.

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SnapCount Best Practices for Power Users

Christine Mallula | Sep 26, '22

You already know SnapCount is the best available lighting and energy retrofit software, and you’ve begun using it to audit, propose, and implement retrofit projects far more efficiently.

The question is: How can you keep moving in the direction of even more cost-effectiveness?

One way is to refine your day-to-day use of SnapCount by progressively implementing some of the best practices identified by the SnapCount Customer Success team, as well as those employed by power users across North America. With many of these users reporting productivity gains of up to 70%, we’re excited to share these ideas with you to help you become even better.

If you’re ready to level up your SnapCount, here’s where to start.

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3 Must-Haves for a Better Site Lighting Audit

Christine Mallula | Jan 14, '21

At some point the owner of nearly every growing business realizes that skill may be what got you here – but smart business practices will be what keeps your company growing.

How you approach lighting audits is a great example of this principle. While knowing the basics of how to produce a solid audit is typically the starting point, implementing audit best practices can elevate your entire game.

So, how can you make sure you “wow” the client during the lighting audit? Focus on these three things: lighting audit accuracy, professionalism, and growth potential.

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Be Prepared With These Must-Have Lighting Audit Tools

Christine Mallula | Jan 8, '20

The old Boy Scout saying is “Be Prepared”? What does it mean to “be prepared” and what exactly are you preparing for?

It really depends on where you are going, who you are, and what you are doing. But to the lighting auditor, it often means making sure you have the right tools with you to gather the most accurate facility and fixture information in the shortest amount of time.

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