Derek Morsch

Derek Morsch
Derek is responsible for planning and implementing the digital and traditional marketing activities at StreamLinx. With experience in the latest and greatest digital marketing practices, he ensures that the SnapCount brand remains at the forefront of the retrofit industry. Derek has an all-encompassing role in combining digital marketing tactics with traditional marketing campaigns including print, design, and trade show management.
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How LED Lighting Retrofit Businesses Can Profit (Big) Through ESCO Partnerships

Derek Morsch | Sep 29, '21

As an LED lighting retrofit business, the current economic and labor climate is ripe with opportunities. The demand for what you do is high…and the number of people who can claim your skill and experience is declining.

But for smaller firms, how can you insert yourself into larger projects that cover multiple sites, include a lot more than lighting and carry price tags in the tens of millions of dollars?

One way is to partner with one of the “big fish” in the energy efficiency pond: an Energy Service Company (ESCO).

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How Commercial Lighting Contractors Win Enterprise Customers

Derek Morsch | Sep 8, '21

A single enterprise customer can provide a commercial lighting contractor with a steady stream of LED retrofit projects – and revenue – for years to come.

But landing deals with enterprise customers takes a lot of patience, tenacity, and a strategic mindset—most large corporations have painfully slow and rigid sales cycles. Not only are you often several steps removed from the person holding the purse strings, but your lighting retrofit project must also compete against some of the biggest players in the industry.

It’s a tall order … but far from impossible.

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Retrofit Roundtable Exclusive: Experts Reveal Emerging LED Industry Trends

Derek Morsch | Aug 10, '21

It would be impossible to accurately predict where the LED lighting industry is going in the next few years without first looking back at the unprecedented period of disruption we’ve just experienced (and, in some ways, are still going through).

When we gathered four leading LED industry insiders for a lighting retrofit roundtable during Retrofit Showcase 2021 (a virtual conference this May sponsored by SnapCount), the official topic of conversation was what lies ahead for the rest of 2021 and beyond.

And as it turns out, there’s reason for optimism.

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4 Ways Lighting Retrofit Software Helps You Win (and Grow!) National Accounts

Derek Morsch | Mar 5, '21

For many lighting retrofit companies, the idea of landing a large, national account sounds pretty good. In reality, working with larger companies brings its own set of challenges.

During our recent SnapCount Retrofit Showcase we were joined by Lynn Hawkins, the CEO of Sustainable Turnkey Solutions, who has deep experience landing and managing such large national accounts.

Here are the strategies he recommends to help you secure large national accounts, using lighting retrofit software to set you — and the customer — up for success.

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2021 Lighting Retrofit Industry Trends & Predictions

Derek Morsch | Feb 8, '21

Most industries have seen their business activity impacted one way or the other by the pandemic, and lighting retrofitting is no exception. At the start of another year — one that’s likely to bring some of the same constraints and opportunities — we wanted to look forward by hearing from some of the industry’s leaders.

We spoke with David Errigo of Acuity, Brad Picht of Graybar, Gary Pellant of Building Resources and Tim Unruh of NAESCO about the trends from 2020 they believe will continue, and their predictions for 2021.

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Should You Retool Your Commercial Lighting Retrofit Business Software?

Derek Morsch | Jan 7, '21

There is rarely a perfect time for a business to take on an operational overhaul; most are perpetually in 'fix the plane while we fly it' mode. However, the 2020 slowdown in the commercial lighting retrofit business due to the pandemic may have had a small silver lining: the opportunity to take on a long-overdue retooling of a retrofit business operation.

We spoke to two companies that did just that.

To discuss what made 2020 the perfect time to transition to a new software to retool their businesses, we spoke with Brad Dulle (Director of Engineering) and Frank Agraz (Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives) from Eco Engineering, along with Dimitri Papadakis (Chief Operations Officer) from STS Lighting Services Inc.

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Expert Roundup: What Lighting Retrofit Trends Are Next?

Derek Morsch | Jun 29, '20

2020 has been … unpredictable.

Lighting retrofit businesses that thought they had their year’s projections all planned out have since had the rug yanked out from under them. And they’re still finding their footing on slippery new ground.

But as each of us tries to figure out where this new path is taking us, it’s interesting to stop and reassess the lighting retrofit market as a whole. To help with this, we spoke with three industry experts who have previously contributed to our Insights articles: David Ingram of DLL, Steve LoJacono of Graybar, and Walter “BJ” Pidgeon of GE Current.

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How Retrofitters Can Maintain Productivity and Growth in Times of Disruption

Derek Morsch | Mar 23, '20

The recent COVID-19 outbreak has forced an unexpected and dramatic shift in the way the retrofit industry manages work and workers. For an industry immersed in on-site facility tasks, the abrupt move to remote work has created temporary disorientation to the otherwise competent contracting profession. Organizations who have invested in digital work methods will be well-prepared to not only survive but thrive in a new social environment.

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